Selected Presentations


  • Struggles within the Struggle: White Women, Liberalism and Decolonisation in Colonial Zimbabwe, c.1950-1970’, presented at Departmental Research Seminar, University of Kent, 15th March 2017.
  • With Rebecca Gill: ‘South Africa as “test case”: Emily Hobhouse, Pacifism and International Peace Networks, c.1902-1923’, presented at Gendering Peace in Europe: 1918-1945, University of Sheffield, 20th January 2017.


  •  “‘A Deadly Birth Control Drug: Depo-Provera and the British Anti-Apartheid Movement c.1980-1987’, presented at ASA-UK, 8th September, Cambridge, UK. *Co-Convenor of a set of panels on Anti-Apartheid Movement Activism.
  • ‘Own Goal? The British Anti-Apartheid Movement and South Africa’s resignation from the International Planned Parenthood Federation, c.1984-1987’, presented at ‘Medicine in its Place: Situating Medicine in Historical Contexts’, 7th July 2016, Kent, UK.


  •  ‘”The Price of Liberation”: Operation Clean-Up, Politics and the Policing of Gender Norms in Zimbabwe c.1980-1985’, presented at the Women’s History Network Conference, September 2015, Kent, UK* Convener of the panel ‘Agency and Female Activism in Southern Africa 1979-1994.’
  • ‘Unsettling Settler Stories, White Colonial Women and Liberalism in Rhodesia, c.1965-1980’, presented at ‘Unsettling Stories and Unstable Subjects’, SAHS Biennial Conference, 1st– 3rd July, Stellenbosch, SA *Convener of the panel ‘Destabilizing White Society in Southern Africa.’
  • ‘”What has happened to our principles and the lessons we learnt from our grandmothers and mothers”: Black Women, Gender and the Politics of Respectability in Zimbabwe, c.1982-1986’,  presented at The Social History Society Annual Conference, 31st March-2nd April, Portsmouth, UK.
  • ‘Intimate Partner Violence in 50 Shades of Grey‘, public lecture convened by the Department of Philosophy, UFS, 27th February. Featured in the regional press. 


  • ‘”My soul has no home”: Identity, Anxiety and the Past in some White Zimbabwean Memoirs’, presented at the International Studies Group Seminar, University of the Free State, 1st October 2014.
  • ‘“Still Wives, Mothers, Helpmeets, Divorcees, Widows and Workers”: White Women’s Experiences of the Home Front During Rhodesia’s Liberation Struggle c.1970-1980’, presented at ‘Home Fronts: Gender, War and Conflict’ Women’s History Network Conference, University of Worcester, 5th-7th September 2014. *Convener of the panel ‘White Women and War in Southern Africa.’
  • ‘“Be a Dumb Blonde”: White Women and Zimbabwe’s Second Chimurenga’, presented at History Wars, Wars in History & Other Southern African Histories, HASA Biennial Conference, University of KwaZulu-Natal 25th-27th June 2014. *Convener of the panel ‘Other Voices from Zimbabwe’s War of Liberation’.
  • ‘Awkward Belonging: Diana Mitchell, Opposition Politics and African Nationalism in Rhodesia, c.1965-1980′, presented at The International Association for Biography and Autobiography (IABA) Conference, Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada 29th May-1st June 2014.
  • ‘From Settlers to Strays: White Zimbabwean Women, Identity and Belonging in the Diaspora’, presented at Berkshire Conference on Women’s History, Histories on the Edge, Toronto, 22nd-25th May, 2014
  • “My God, I am the wrong colour”: Gender, Victimhood and the Crisis of Whiteness in Some Recent Zimbabwean Memoirs’, presented at IFjP Conference, Gender and Crises in Global Politics 9th-11th May,  USC, Los Angeles.


  • ‘Displaced Elites: White Zimbabweans, Power and the Past’, presented at ‘Power and Coercion in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa’ University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, 11th-12th November.
  • ‘Hegemony and Hubris: White Zimbabwean Women, Identity and Belonging in the Diaspora’, presented at ‘History, Postcolonialism and Tradition’ convened by the Postcolonial Studies Association, Kingston University, 12th- 13th September.
  • ‘“My History, My Heritage, My Country”: White Zimbabwean Women, Identity and Belonging in the Diaspora’, presented at ‘Women’s Histories: The Local and the Global’ convened by the International Federation for Research in Women’s History & Women’s History Network, Sheffield Hallam University, 29th August – 1st September 2013.
  • ‘“Who would want to fight with us?”: White Women, Historical Memory and Zimbabwe’s Second Chimurenga, c.1970-1980’, presented at ‘Memory, Conflict and Space’, Liverpool Hope University, 10th-12th July 2013.
  • ‘Orphans of Empire? White Zimbabweans, Migration and History’, presented at the South African Historical Society Conference, Gaborone, Botswana 27th– 29th June 2013.
  • Shouting Against Thunder: White Women, Political Activism and Liberalism in Rhodesia c.1965-1980’, presented at The Social History Society Annual Conference, 25th-27th March, Leeds, UK. * Convener of the panel ‘African Activism: Politics, Citizenship and Identities in the Late Colonial and Post-Colonial Period’.


  • ‘”Mapping Time, Space and Life”: Women, Gender and Whiteness in the Zimbabwean Memoir’ presented at the University of Birmingham, History and Cultures Workshop, 22nd November 2012.
  • ‘“You’ve got to stand for something here”: Eileen Haddon, the Southern Rhodesian Welfare Fund, Liberalism and Philanthropy in Rhodesia c.1959-1966’ presented at ‘Women and Wellbeing’ convened by Women’s History Scotland, University of Edinburgh, 13th October
  • ‘Struggles within the Struggle: White Women, Liberalism and Politics in Rhodesia, c.1965-1980’ presented at the Decolonization Workshop Institute of Commonwealth Studies in conjunction with King’s College, London at Senate House, convened by Professor Philip Murphy, 15th June 2012.


  • ‘Making Marmalade and Imperial Mentalities, The Case of a Colonial Wife’ presented at the ‘The Real Story? Personal Papers, Life Histories and Africa’. SCOLMA (the UK Libraries and Archives Group on Africa) Annual Conference, British Library, London, 8th June 2010.
  • ‘Furthering the “colonial project”? White Rhodesian Women and Cultures of Philanthropy’, presented at the Imperial Benevolence Workshop, convened by Professor Alan Lester and Dr Zoe Laidlaw for the Voluntary Action History Society (VAHS) at University College London, 4th June 2010.
  • ‘“Sticking Together and Refusing to Budge?” UDI and the formation of Rhodesian Identity’, presented at the University of Sheffield, ‘The Commonwealth at 60: Transitions, Belonging and Identities’, 3rd June 2010.